Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Preview Of An Exclusive Interview W/ Diji

As the The Common Grounds grow, I will slowly add different aspects to help further the depth of our content. I am proud to present a new series we will be working on titled "Artist Spotlight."  It gives us the wonderful opportunity to feature talented artists that deserve to be recognized. Regardless of what industry the artist works in, we are looking forward to collaborating with talented individuals.

I am truly ecstatic to present our very first featured artist. An artist from Los Angeles, Diji is set to release his very first mixtape appropriately titled "Who The F*ck Is Diji?" We hung out around Little Tokyo, and discussed all sorts of topics ranging from music to denim, and fashion in general. The full interview will be set to release very soon along with his mixtape.

Here are little teaser photos taken by K. Sole.

Follow him on Twitter via @Dijisays and check out his blog here.

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