Friday, June 24, 2011

Cool Feet In The Summertime

Summer has arrived and so has the hot, humid weather! I personally am not a big fan of the heat but I do love the long, lazy summer days. Style wise, many people tend to believe that it's difficult to pull off certain looks during the summer, but you just have to invest in the proper materials. Materials like cotton and linen are some popular examples. Products made out of these materials are usually comfortable and breathable, which are two factors you want to invest in when buying clothes for the summer.

The same idea goes when investing in the right footwear to fight off the heat. Like I mentioned before, shoes really do compliment an entire outfit, especially in the summertime where you'll most likely have less clothes on. As a personal preference, I love how suede looks under the sun, and not to mention how comfortable they are.

Enjoy these photos of my suede bucks from Cole Haan.

Cuff your pants once or twice to give your ankles a slight breeze. It's the summertime, have some fun. Also, I'm wearing a pair of loafer socks from Banana Republic. They're a great addition when you're going for the "no socks" look, and very comfortable as well. They don't prevent your feet from being able to breathe.

I am not a big fan of slippers or flip-flops, so when I'm walking around, or simply lounging, the classic boat shoe from Sperry Top-Sider is definitely my first option. The fashion world has seen nautical-inspired pieces as of late, but the authentic boat shoe has been around for years. I remember my own father wearing a few in his earlier years. You just can't go wrong with a classic.

What yells out summertime more than a boat shoe? 

Stay cool my friends! and have a wonderful Summer!

Photos Taken by Ken Soleta


  1. Hi, what is the brand of those chinos?

  2. They're the Slim Fit Khakis from Old Navy. Bought them earlier on the year for $20. Great pair of khakis!