Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I Found Wednesdays: Weaved Tassel Loafers by Nunn Bush

As I mentioned in the previous post, I'll be adding different aspects to the blog as it grows to help improve our content. This specific series I'd like to introduce is titled "What I Found Wednesdays". What inspired me to come up with this series is my love for thrifting. That rush you instantly feel when you find something special really can't be compared to anything else. This will allow me to share with you guys all the awesome things we've bought from thrift stores. From ties to vintage goods, anything can be found at your local thrift store. We won't be doing this on a weekly basis, but more often than not because of the fact that were constantly thrifting.

My photographer, Ken Soleta aka K. Sole, was out shopping around a few days ago when he came across a beautiful pair of weaved tassel loafers by Nunn Bush. Although Nunn Bush isn't normally your first option when buying a pair of shoes, for five dollars these can definitely be a part of anyone's shoe rotation. The details  are amazing and the quality seems fine. Can't really complain especially when they were priced at five dollars. I can't wait to see what Ken decides to wear with these.

Take a look at some photos K. Sole snapped of his new loafers.

Ken isn't just an amazing photographer, but a passionate thrifter as well.. He enjoys the thrill of it just as much as I do. I hope you all enjoyed the first addition to our "What I Found Wednesdays" series and look out for the next one coming soon.

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