Monday, June 13, 2011

Product Spotlight: H20 Plus Skincare

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to H2O Plus. H2O Plus is a company that sell sea-derived skincare products. Unlike the many other skincare companies out there, H2O Plus uses ingredients found only in nature and not in chemical labs. They use an array of natural ingredients in their products, and even offer an Ingredient Glossary on their website. You can find a product from H2O for any skincare problem you may have. From dry skin to acne problems, there is a product for you.

As a part of their Oasis Oil-Free Moisturizing Collection, these three new shaving products are amazing. I was lucky enough to test them out prior to their release, and this was the first time I was ever satisfied with a shave. Before these products, my skin felt rough and spotty after a shave, but now, my skin is as smooth as they have ever been.

The product on the very left is the Oasis Men Energizing Facial Scrub. This particular product acts as a cleanser prior to a shave. It buffs away impurities and revitalizes your skin for a shave with the help of natural ingredients. Price: $18.

The product shown in the middle is the Oasis Men Precision Shave Hydro Foam. This it pretty much your shaving cream, but unlike the foamy ones you buy at your local grocery stores, this product consists of a water-light foam and nourishes your skin while shaving. One of the key elements found in the product is Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps soften your skin. Price: $18.

The third product shown on the right is the Oasis Men Oil-Free Post Shave Balm. After you're through with shaving, this is the product you apply to pretty much top it all off. It rapidly cools and comforts freshly shaved skin. Price: $20.

Each product is sold individually, but can be purchased all at once if necessary. With the purchase of all three, you're looking at about $56 + taxes in skincare products, but worthy ones at that. It may take a bit of convincing on your end as far as needing three different products for a clean shave, but it definitely is worth every penny. Just like how clothes are an investment, skincare products are exactly the same and can only help you in the long run.

If you are located in Los Angeles, and are interested in the products, visit the H20 Plus store located in the Glendale Galleria Mall. Talk to my buddy Josh, and he will take care of any skincare concerns you may have. Tell him Rei from The Common Grounds sent you! 

H20 Plus
2212 Glendale Galleria
Glendale, CA 91210
(818) 551-0831

PS; These are products you might want to consider when figuring out what to buy your father for Father's Day! What else can beat a clean, comforting shave? June 19 is right around the corner!

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