Friday, February 11, 2011

Different Faces, Different Hairstyles

A short video featuring my personal barber and one of my friends who happens to be a very talented MC (listen to his music here). Make sure to switch the video to 720p for the best viewing.

Nowadays, it almost seems like there are so many different hairstyles out there for men. I can't blame you if you are confused about which hairstyle to go with. I've personally gone through many different styles from a handful of barbers. I've gone from being bald to having a full head of hair which reached my shoulders.  It has only been recently where I found the right style for myself. So don't be alarmed if you are one of those confused individuals who have no idea which haircut to go with.

Take these general tips when deciding which hairstyle would fit you best:

  • Don't be shy when you are at a barbershop or at a salon. They are professionals who know what they are doing. Ask them questions, bring in a picture of a style you might possible want, share your concerns, and ask them for THEIR opinions.
  • Look through style magazines, websites, and TV shows. They usually have professional hair stylists working behind the scenes.
  • Stick with what works and stay away from what doesn't. This is vital. Don't get a haircut just because it is trendy. Certain haircuts just aren't for everybody.
  • Finding the right barber/stylist is just as relevant as finding the right tailor. Doing so won't just save you time, but it will only help you in the long run. He/She will know what would work and what wouldn't with your facial structure.
As for myself, I have been getting the same haircut from the same barber for quite a while now. I get the sides shortened up with a fade and leave the top slightly longer. Long enough so I am able to style it with ease. It takes me about 2-4 minutes to style my hair right out of the shower. That includes blow drying and applying hair product. 

The style isn't all that extravagant at all, but it works for me. Easy to style and it makes me look slimmer/taller (somewhat does I hope). I usually wait about 4 weeks until I go back to my barber for a touch up. You shouldn't wait no longer than 6 weeks for a haircut. Maintaining that hair on top of your head is just as important as maintaing your clothes.

Here is how my hair currently looks. I'm about a week in from my last haircut.

Gingham shirt by American Apparel. Tie by Polo Ralph Lauren. Watch by Kenneth Cole.

With that said, the most important advice I can give to anyone is just to find the right hairstyle that works for you. Go out there and experiment with different styles. Grow your hair out, go bald, slick it back, do whatever it takes for you to find the style that works for you and your face. You'll look in the mirror and you'll instantly look slimmer, taller, and proportioned. That is when you know you have found the right haircut for you.

Have a good one.

-Rei Fernandez

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