Thursday, March 24, 2011

Public Service Announcement

First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates the past two weeks. Our team had a whole shoot lined up last Sunday, but this terrible rainstorm in California ruined our entire schedule. We're currently re-scheduling, but won't be able to do anything until this damn storm passes us by. I was so disappointed that we couldn't shoot and I am truly sorry we haven't been able to have a quality update in a few weeks now.

With that cleared up, I've been taking care of things behind the scenes. One of the biggest updates I was able to accomplish was the purchasing of a domain. If you recently visited the blog through the original blogspot link, you might have noticed that it asked you to be re-directed to Don't be alarmed! We decided to pull the trigger on purchasing the domain name. We also have a new e-mail ( in which you can reach us at for any general inquiries. Other than the fact that we couldn't get, everything has been going well.

Lastly, we had the creation of our Tumblr Page. I don't want to ever saturate this blogspot page with a bunch of updates that have no content at all which led me to making a Tumblr page. It's a convenient source I can use to post about random stuff that I am interested in without having to sacrifice the content on this page. You'll see me post about food, music, travel, and all that good stuff on there. If you are on Tumblr, please do hit that follow button.  We're also on Bloglovin and that is also a source you can find us on.

Again, sorry for the lack of updates, but do check up on our Tumblr page and follow us on Twitter for any future updates. 

Best Regards,
Rei Fernandez

PS; If you participated in the Give & Get Discount event I had two weeks ago, share with us what you were able to purchase with the discount by dropping a comment. I'd love to see what kinds of deals people were able to come up on.

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  1. lol yo pic looks like kanye west